Extremis in Iron Man 3

There have been a few hints here and there that Extremis will be in Iron Man 3. If you have not read the comics or seen the motion comic you probably do not know what it is. Extremist is a drug developed by Maya Hansen, an old friend of Tony Stark, that was intended to create super soldiers like Captin America. Originally, the Extremist drug was only suppose to give the recipient faster healing, a stronger immune system, improved organs, and had the side effect of increased rage, like the hulk. But Extrmis was discovered to be extremely dangerous to the average person. Luckily Tony Stark is no average person, I will not tell you why he had to take the Extremist drug, but afterwords he became “a new man”.

If you have not read my previous post ” Iron Man 3 Footage shown at SDCC! “, I recommend you go read it. At SDCC, footage of Iron Man 3 was shown, and luckily, a writer from NerdReactor.com wrote down what he saw in great detail.
He wrote about how Tony Stark was testing something that allowed the armor to attach to his body automatically. In the comics, Tony redesigned the drug so that his body could directly interface with the armor and any machine. He also mentioned that Tony was on a surgical table with Aldrich Killian, Maya Hansen, and Pepper Potts all around him. This is a huge hint that he is about to receive the Extremis drug injection. After probably being brutally injured by The Mandarin because using Extremist is the last resort. One more thing that indicated Extremist will be in Iron Man 3 is the concept art that marvel showed off and gave away copies of at the San Diego comic con 2012. In the concept art, you can see that Tony is being surrounded by goons with gun and has 2 pieces of the new armor on. If you have read or saw the motion comics for Extrmis I can tell you right now, Iron Man 3 will have a partial resemblance to it. The closer it gets to the premiere date Iron Man 3 is looking more to be like a mix of Extremis and Iron Man Tales of Suspense #50.

Source : Nerd Reactor

Note* Plot information on this page has not been confirmed/denied to be in the actual film. At this time it’s just speculation base off the Iron Man comics, and the previous films.

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